White collar crimes are usually crimes of theft and deception that involve such issues as tax evasion, insurance fraud, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, computer fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, investment schemes, money laundering and campaign finance violations. 

White collar cases are usually more complex because the investigation doesn't just consist of a police officer observing criminal activity from a squad car, but rather, federal or state investigators often spend years connecting the dots” in bank and accounting records in order to nail down a suspect.

For most people accused of white collar crime, this marks their introduction to the criminal justice system. It’s frightening because most of these crimes are classified as felonies and the government is seeking a large fine or prison sentence to justify the time and resources spent on the case.

Usually, the alleged white collar scheme involves multiple people, but the police often assume that everyone had full knowledge of the conspiracy. That’s not necessarily the case. You may have been an innocent bystander who had no idea of the depths of fraud that your co-workers were involved in. Or, you may have truly intended to make money for your investors, but the plan didn't work out.Just because the investigative reports are long and detailed doesn't mean the government has a fool-proof case. 

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