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 I feel a deep sense of loyalty to my clients, and I am committed to their welfare. I aggressively represent their interests, in court and elsewhere, to protect their rights and advance their best interests. I value an open line of communication as the hallmark of a healthy attorney-client relationship, so I make myself accessible day and night, holidays included. My clients know that, even when I am elsewhere, I am as close as their phone. 

My Mission


I want my clients to feel confident that they are represented by an attorney with skills, courage, and commitment second to none. Long after we have resolved their case, I want them to be proud that they were represented by the very best.

Free Consultation


I invite you to call for a free consultation. I will give you an honest assessment of the facts pertaining to your case, and I will outline the options at your disposal. If appropriate, I may suggest another attorney whose skills are better tailored to resolve the issues before you.

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All information is confidential.

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