When dealing with juvenile law matters, it is essential that you choose an attorney with experience in the juvenile court system. There are many misconceptions regarding juvenile court. The proceedings in juvenile court differ from those in the adult criminal system. Your child's juvenile case and it's disposition can have lifelong implications for your loved one.

It is not uncommon for kids, especially teenagers, to lack good judgment or test the limits of the law. Unfortunately, some of those bad choices have legal ramifications -- and a mark on your child's record can affect his or her future, limiting school and work opportunities later in life.

If your son or daughter is faced with criminal charges, it is critical to seek legal counsel with experience with juvenile matters. I have just such experience and will use all of the means at my disposal to construct the best defense possible. 

Although each individual and each case is unique, there are some common charges faced by children and teens. These charges include:    

Underage drinking or drug use     
Improper use of a motor vehicle

During almost 20 years representing juveniles, I have dealt with all of these charges. I also have extensive experience in dealing with probation violations.

If your son or daughter has been accused of criminal conduct, it is important to remember that there are a number of factors that make criminal charges filed against a juvenile different than those filed against an adult. The first relates to how their legal proceedings will be handled. Typically, cases involving children under the age of 17 are referred to juvenile court. This has a significant impact on the way the charges are prosecuted as well as the sentencing options available.

Another critical issue relates to how the charges are placed on the child's criminal record. Verdicts adjudicated against a minor may or may not become part of the individuals permanent record. This factor alone can have monumental impact on your son or daughters future, from college applications to employment opportunities. Prompt action and robust legal representation can make the difference.

Protect their rights and the record that they will carry with them into adulthood. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation. We can be reached by phone at (210) 415-6662.